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FREE Electronic Law Books you can access ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


FREE LawGenius publications provide a collection of Commonwealth and NSW Legislation you can download onto your PC / notebook and access offline wherever you are. You can download it from anywhere but you need to register with a address to receive the licensing details and download instruction email.

Here are a few reasons why you should download these publications:

  • You can save your textbook money – it’s FREE!
  • You can save time – fast search and easy-to-use annotation facilities help you make the most of your valuable research time.
  • You can save your desk space and your back – select from 16 Legislative publications (i.e., 8 Commonwealth and 8 NSW with others on the way) and download them onto your PC / notebook.
  • The legislation packages include:

    ASIC and Corporations LawNSW Consumer Affairs Law
    Communications and Media LawNSW Conveyancing Law
    Competition and Consumer LawNSW Court Law
    Criminal LawNSW Criminal Law
    Fair Work LawNSW Duty & Taxation Law (coming soon)
    Family LawNSW Local Government Law
    Income Tax LawNSW Motor Traffic Law
    Migration LawNSW Occupational Health and Safety Law
  • You can enjoy FREE updates – we will update LawGenius publications twice a year – on the 1st of January and 1st of July.

Collaborate in Context ™

With LawGenius publications, creating annotations and sharing them with your friends, tutors and lecturers is easier than ever.

Powered by eComPress Technology, LawGenius publications can readily be annotated, with text, graphics, files, email and web addresses, that can easily be attached to any text in the publication using the eComPress Notes facility. And you can share your Notes by simply emailing them to your friends, tutors, or lecturers. When the publications are updated, all your Notes are automatically transcribed in context to new & revised content in the updated publications.

Click here to see how easy it is to Collaborate in Context with FREE LawGenius publications.

Download Now!

Download FREE LawGenius publications here! All LawGenius publications are Code Signed, secure and authentic for your peace of mind, so Download NOW!

Getting started with FREE LawGenius publications

We have tutorial videos to help you get started with FREE LawGenius publications. To watch our tutorial videos on YouTube, click here.

* Please note Students and Academics must have a email address to obtain the free LawGenius publications. The LawGenius publications are Microsoft Windows based and they contain a SECURE viewer program.

The user may have to disable their fire wall / anti-virus program to download the publications.