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Save $$

FREE Electronic Law Books you can access ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


The LawGenius Publications provide you with the ultimate Australian Law reference publications you can securely download onto your PC or notebook and search and annotate off-line, wherever you are.


Improve your results! - quickly find what you need, and easily annotate the content with relevant information that will provide you with a serious advantage when it comes to doing assignments and studying for exams.


Here are some of key features of LawGenius Publications:

  • Quickly find all the information you need off-line - every time.
  • Collaborate in Context™ - Create your own annotations using Notes and share them with your friends, tutors and lecturers.

  • View and search up to four separate areas of the publication simultaneously.
  • Copy and paste text, images and tables with all the formatting intact, complete with automatic citations.